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90% of firms already using AI to boost customer experience and increase revenue

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing the way business gets done, particularly impacting the customer journey, according to a Wednesday report from MIT Technology Review and Genesys. Of the 600 executives across 18 countries surveyed, 90% said their firms now use AI solutions to improve the customer experience, the report found. Implementing AI has dramatically improved the efficiency, processing speed, ...

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Why 5G, AI, and the cloud will be critical to managing a future full of micro data centers

Edge computing and micro data centers are key trends, accordingto Kevin Brown, vice president of innovation and CTO for the IT division at Schneider Electric. Brown talked to TechRepublic’s Senior Writer Teena Maddox at the Innovation Summit North America in Atlanta and the following is an edited transcript of the interview. Brown said, “There are always many trends that are ...

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How QuickBooks is helping small businesses leverage AI

Alex Chriss, Senior Vice President & Chief Product Officer of Small Business at Intuit, is innovating how small businesses do business. Image: Courtesy of Intuit QuickBooks This article originally appeared on When Intuit’s Alex Chriss thinks of small businesses and the self-employed, the company’s senior vice president and chief product officer of small business thinks of underdogs, scrapping for ...

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New report names London and Silicon Valley as world’s top hubs for innovation

London and Silicon Valley are two of the world’s biggest innovation destinations, according to Quid‘s Innovation Mapping report released on Friday. Both locations host the most tech start-up growth, and also invest the most time and research into developing cutting-edge technologies said the press release. These two tech hubs are forging a path for innovative tech start-ups, with almost half ...

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Why the convergence of IoT and AI could change business forever

AI will get essential data to automate industry from IoT,Schneider Electric Chief Digital Officer Herve Coureil tells TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson. The following is an edited transcript of the interview. Dan Patterson: Artificial intelligence is your core competency. There is possibly no term that has been more hyped over the last, say, 18 to 36 months than AI. Before we get ...

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