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Why it could soon be much easier to get your hands on NVIDIA GPUs

In after-hours trading on Thursday, NVIDIA’s shares dropped up to 5%, according to a Reuters report. And while that’s bad news for the chipmaker, it could be good news for data scientists and engineers working on artificial intelligence (AI) programs. The market demand for GPUs is still high but it recently started dropping off with a very particular audience: Cryptominers. ...

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How to get the most from deduplication software

Image: chombosan, Getty Images/iStockphoto Deduplication hasn’t changed much in the last decade or two; it remains a staple of infrastructure maintenance in which software eliminates redundant data on servers and in storage. The deduplication process can happen when applications create new information, users save files, or administrators run storage redundancy scans. The theory and goal behind this is simple: Why ...

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Big data is now economics and not just technology

Big data is now economics and not just technology – TechRepublic Big data is now economics and not just technology Bill Schmarzo, the chief technology officer IoT and analytics at Hitchi Vantara, sits down with TechRepublic’s Tonya Hall to talk about how cleaning the right data using machine learning can yield a positive ROI in your AI. Big data is ...

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Why 71% of organizations will spend more on data in the next five years

Business analytics professionals are confident in their organizations’ data analytics proficiency, but a new MicroStrategy report released on Wednesday reveals that they still face challenges that prevent them from becoming an entirely intelligent enterprise. What’s Hot at TechRepublic According to the report, data and analytics remain a top priority in 90% of organizations’ digital transformation strategies. Because of this, investments ...

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Decision factors: Do you need real-time analytics?

For many companies, the decision in the future will be whether they need to redesign their systems so that real-time or near real-time analytics run alongside their transaction processing. A high transaction industry like financial services, where nearly 24,000 transactions per second can be processed, is a prime example. And if you’re a retailer or an airline reservation company, you ...

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