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How to restore Windows Server backups from corrupt catalogs

Image: fizkes, Getty Images/iStockphoto The Windows Server Backup (WSB) utility built-in to Microsoft’s server OSes isn’t a particularly robust tool for managing system backups. The no-frills design (and similarly bare-bones command-line entries) makes it suitable only for system-level backups, leaving room for little else in the way of bells and whistles. As an application that facilitates the creation for backups, ...

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Top 5 ways to pick a secure password

Oh, passwords. Someday the FIDO alliance or somebody will save us from them. Until that heady day, we still need them and we need to choose ones that are really hard to guess. Even if you have two-factor authentication turned on—which you should—secure passwords are still a good idea. Fire up your Horse Battery Staple, here are five things to ...

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The majority of business pros aren’t able to prevent cyberattacks

Nearly two-thirds of business professionals aren’t confident in their abilities to prevent and address serious cyberattacks, according to a recent report from the Ponemon Institute and Illusive Networks. The report analyzed how effective organizations are in minimizing damage caused by silent attackers. The study surveyed 627 IT and IT security practitioners within the US, who are all involved in the ...

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Is retaining a cybersecurity attorney a good idea for your business?

Image: the-lightwriter, Getty Images/iStockphoto Tech pundits began in 2015 asking whether small and large businesses needed the counsel of a law firm well-versed in cybersecurity. “Developing plans to protect digital information and networks while complying with state and federal regulations can be a legal challenge for any corporation,” mentions Kacy Zurkus in this August 2015 CSO article. “Is relying on ...

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How to auto mount FAT32-formatted drives in Samba

Image: Jack Wallen If you use Samba, chances are you have shares up and down your drives that work seamlessly on your network. Many of those drives are probably formatted as ext3, ext4, or btrfs. But what happens when you have a drive that is formatted as a FAT32? You might find automounting that particular drive a bit problematic. Why? ...

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