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Firefox users beware: This popular add-on could steal your browsing history

A popular security plugin for Mozilla’s Firefox browser has been accused of collecting and logging users’ browsing history, according to uBlock Origin developer Raymond Hill. The app, Web Security, supposedly protects users from threats of malware and phishing “so that you will not be decoyed to enter your sensitive information where it is not safe.” However, users that have installed ...

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How to scan documents with G Suite

Digital documents are often easier than paper to store, search, share, and send. Unfortunately, not all business documents are digital—yet. If you use Google’s G Suite, paired with a networked scanner or a mobile device, you have at least three distinct ways to convert paper into a PDF you can share or send. 1. Smartphone scan What’s Hot at TechRepublic ...

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How to save Android battery by limiting background activity

With every release of Android, battery life gets better and better. However, there are times when things, or should I say apps, get away from you and start draining your battery. Most often this happens when an app is running in the background. When this occurs, those apps can gobble up your battery for extended periods of time, and soon ...

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Why hackers are increasingly targeting Oracle, SAP software

Hackers and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, with SAP and Oracle solutions at particular risk, according to a report from Digital Shadows and Onapsis. For those unfamiliar, ERP software uses a central shared database to automate and manage several core back office functions. So, why are they being targeted? As the report notes, “these systems hold ...

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