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How to use Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat serves as Google’s enterprise chat app for G Suite customers. The app enables individual and group conversations among people within a G Suite organization. Chat works on the web (, Android, and iOS devices. Whichever platform you choose, just sign in with your G Suite account, and you’re ready to use Chat. What’s Hot at TechRepublic Remember: this ...

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How to use G Suite to improve team performance via intermittent interaction

A study published in August 2018 found that intermittent collaboration produces better results with more variation than when people constantly collaborate or when people work entirely independently. What’s Hot at TechRepublic Different levels of collaboration affected performance. People who worked independently, with no collaboration, produced the greatest variation in outcome, as well the lowest standard performance. People who constantly interacted ...

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How G Suite’s real-time presence feature aids collaboration in Microsoft Office apps

People who use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides likely appreciate the power of real-time, multi-person editing. Open a Google Doc, change something or add a comment at the same time that other people review and modify things, too—from Google Docs in browsers or mobile apps. For organizations that use G Suite, the native Google apps offer optimal collaboration capabilities. But ...

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How do I transfer email from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird?

Welcome to our “Got Answers?” series (which is published each Thursday) where we are helping fellow members get answers to their tech questions. Are you the one who can offer advice or tips to help your fellow member with their questions? Do you have your own tech questions? Post them in our forums where you can receive answers from your ...

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